How do I win a club trophy?

10 K Championship Trophy
A trophy for Men and Ladies which is awarded to the first Lingfield Runners across the line at BRIGHTON 10k in November.

Open Grand Prix Trophy
A trophy for Men and Ladies.
The best of 10 chosen from the following 15 events in 2017: The points are added up and the runner with the most points wins! 1st home 20points, 2nd 19 points, 3rd 18 points etc.

Tilgate Park Run- Sat 7th Jan
Bookham 10K- Sun 5th Feb
Tunbridge Wells HM- Sun 19th Feb
Mels Milers 10k- Sun 26th March
Hartfield 10K- (was 10 April 16)
Horsham 10k- Sun 21st May
Dorking 10 mile- (usually first Sun in June)
Reigate 10k- (was Wed 13th July 16)
Kings Head 5K- Mon 28th Aug
East Grinstead 10k- Sun 24th September
Half Marathon- TBC
1st XC- (was Sat 15 Oct 16)
Brighton 10k- Sun 19th Nov
Crowborough 10K- (was Sun 27 Nov)
Turners Hill 4.4mile( Tues 26 Dec)

Trevor’s Handicap Grand Prix Trophy
A trophy for Men and Ladies.
Accumulate the most points from the following 4 events:

Handicap 5m Road race (in July)
4.5m XC event using the May race 2 route (in July)
Handicap 5k Road race (in July)
Dennis Crowhurst Memorial Event (in November)

Dennis Crowhurst Memorial Trophy
One trophy ONLY
This race takes place in November and is awarded to who ever finishes first.

Surrey Summer Road League Trophy
A trophy for Men and Ladies.
County organises 7 races and the Lingfield Runner who gains the most points wins!

Richmond HM
Sutton 10K
Dorking 10(Mile)
Richmond 10K
Elmore 7m
Elmbridge 10K
Wimbledon 5K

Cross Country Trophy
A trophy for Men and Ladies.
Gained by accumulating points from the following 8 fixtures.
The first 4 races scores 20points downwards as they are Premier races.
The latter 4 races score 10 points downwards.

All 4 Surrey XC League races

5m Lloyd Park (East Surrey league) in October
5m Wimbledon( East Surrey league) in December
Reigate Priory Relays ( Venue will vary every year)
Parliament Hill