When we run

Every week, we have a number of different days which we run and with reach run, we try and vary the route to keep things interesting. We use a number of different trails around the Surrey, Sussex and Kent countryside and a mixture of road as well as trail/off-road;

All meeting points are at the VS&SC in Lingfield High Street and all ages and abilities are welcome and catered for: We meet in all weather, come rain, snow or shine.

Monday, 6.45pm, at Imberhorne School, East Grinstead RH19 1QV; This is a shorter, faster session on a track, which is floodlit.

Tuesday, 7pm; This is normally a 5-7 miles run; Usually trail based in the light summer evenings and road during the darker winter nights.

Thursday, 7pm; This is a similar run to the Tuesday meet.

Saturday, 9am; A group meets on a Saturday to run a variety of routes, but usually for a longer distance. Starting from about 10 miles.

Saturday, 10am. A large group meets on a Saturday at 10 and run a 4-7 mile route.

First Saturday of every month – club Park Run at Tilgate Park, Crawley. 5km race starting at 9am.