Club Committee role descriptions

The following four role descriptions are based on templates provided for clubs by England Athletics

Club Chair

Club Treasurer

Club Secretary

Club Membership Secretary

Men and Ladies team captains – see text below

Cross Country

1. Responding to emails etc. from the Surrey Ladies’/Men’s Cross-country League (CCL) Secretary, and informing members of any relevant information.

2. Ensuring details of the matches are on FaceBook and in the newsletter, and encouraging participation from members.

3. Maintaining and updating the Lingfield runners registered on the Surrey Cross Country website, ensuring that everyone intending to run is allocated a number at the start of each season. Also that runners joining in mid season are added to the website list and a race number is allocated. No listing means no results will be shown.

4. Collecting the numbers from the CCL secretary at the first match of the season.

5. Ensuring the numbers are distributed to the runners at each match, and collected up afterwards.

6. Overseeing the transport arrangements to matches.

7. Ensuring the tent and flag are set-up at matches.

8. Ensure first aid kit/defibrillator taken to each race.

9. Optional – Providing tea, coffee and cakes.

10. Attend the AGM of the CCL (or arrange for someone to go to represent the club)

11. Where possible assist in the hosting of one or more cross country league races (to help share the load)

Other races

Ensure the online application for the London Marathon application is completed, and advise the organisers of participants details.

Advertise the Southern Cross Country Championship / National Cross Country dates and venues, informing the SEAA/ ECCA of entries within the required deadline.


Respond to the emails from various bodies as required – e.g. EA, Surrey AA, informing club members of any relevant information.

Optional – attend SAA AGM.

Write and present a brief review of the year at the club AGM

Decide and present the Ladies’/Men’s Captains’ awards at the club AGM

Generally encourage members to get involved in races and club events.