Interested in running with us?

Club runs are back

As per Government Advice and EA, groups of six are allowed to run together again from Monday March 29th. This means that we plan to restart club runs from Tuesday March 30th.

These will be in groups of six, with a slower group (12 min/mile pace) going out at 6:50, a mid-paced group (10 min/mile pace) going out at 7:00 and a faster group (8 min/mile pace) going at 7:10.

There will be three areas of the club car park where track and trace signs are positioned for you to meet and sign in. One or two committee members will be there to assist.

The club is still closed, so there are no toilet facilities.

Please remember to stick to a group of six when running and congregation is not permitted.

We look forward to seeing everyone again!

You can find England Athletics full guidance here

In normal times, every week we have a number of different days which we run and with each run, we try and vary the route to keep things interesting. We use a number of different trails around the Surrey, Sussex and Kent countryside and a mixture of road as well as trail/off-road.

We meet in all weather, come rain, snow or shine, usually at the Victoria Sports and Social Club in Lingfield.


7pm. This is normally a 5-7 miles run. Usually trail based in the light summer evenings and road during the darker winter nights.


6.45pm. At various locations including Imberhorne School, East Grinstead. See Facebook or newsletter for up to date details. This is a shorter, faster session on tarmac (in winter) for beginners and those who want to improve. Well-lit road and/or playground during the darker winter nights, and grass track/trail when conditions allow.


7pm. This is a similar run to the Tuesday meet.


9am. A group meets on a Saturday to run a variety of routes, but usually for a longer distance. Starting from about 8-10 miles.

10am. Another group meets on a Saturday at 10 and runs a 4-7 mile route.

We are also regular supporters of East Grinstead parkrun and Tilgate parkrun.

The Victoria Club opens at 11am (Covid restrictions permitting) which means runners can then meet for a drink and a Kit Kat.

Email our Membership Secretary for more information about any of our weekly runs.